Dance your night away in Bangalore

The silicon city of India, Bangalore, is the fastest growing city of our nation. It has become the supreme hub for start ups, unique theme parks, glamorous night life, delicious street food – the list is endless .The Bangaloreans love to party and therefore there are number of entertainment option available in Bangalore to enjoy the fun moment with their friends. Dancing to groovy tunes is a prime essence of any party. Without dancing any party seems an incomplete affair.  People around the globe come to Bangalore to enjoy the exotic pubs and clubs here, and to suit the requirements of our times, a dance floor is a must have. The dance floor in Bangalore can vary in size according to the size of the place and the purpose. In a pub the dance floors are made smaller than to clubs. Pubs are a place to relax and therefore dance floor is not as necessary in it as in clubs. Although with the existing demand, the pubs in Bangalore try to fit in a dance floor like the clubs. Bangalore clubs are spacious to accommodate number of people at once and these clubs may have multiple dance floors with different setups to keep the visitors engaged.

A dance floor in Bangalore is made while keeping in mind the safety of the people. Sprung floors are usually opted for as it absorbs shock and has a softer feel to it than other ones. Sprung dance floors are used in dance studios in Bangalore where the floor needs to be soft enough to not injure the dancers. The price of the dance studio for a day varies according to the size and design of the dance floor. Party halls and marriage halls where several functions like sangeet ceremony, birthday parties, engagement parties etc take place also have dance halls which are set up according to the customers demand and number of guests coming for the function.

Illuminated dance floor in Bangalore are another popular type of dance floors which you will find in several places in Bangalore. The illuminated dance floors use LED lights which makes the dance floor look beautiful in the dark. These lights of the floor usually consist of red, green and blue LED’s but people can also choose colors which complements the decor of the place. These floors transform and change the whole aura of the place.



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