A pub is a place where beers and other alcoholic beverages can be bought and drunk. It is a place where people usually visit to hang around with friends and drink. In common word it is a licensed establishment where alcoholic beverages and sometimes foods are also served.


There are many pubs in Bangalore which are licensed to sell beers and other alcoholic drinks. People often visit to pubs with their friends and close one to hang out, have fun and enjoy them and to get relax. Pubs help to provide strong social network that improves peace of mind and their health. People who regularly go to pubs have large social circle. It is a comfortable place where people can easily go and enjoy with their colleges.

Many pubs in Bangalore are large where many parties as well as important meetings can be organized in a very short period of time. It becomes very stressful when official meetings are organized or keep taking place in office. When official meetings takes place in a pub it gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation to the clients as well as to the members and this helps them to concentrate in their work more easily and focuses on company’s important matters.

We have seen that large deals between the companies are signed in some private places. An informal meeting in a pub easily helps both the parties to put their points and discuss on it so that they can work together.  In the past few years pubs in Bangalore has gradually improved in providing the best services to their customers, so that they become a regular member and enjoy their time.

Pubs in Bangalore are increasing as it has become one of the most important sources of income for the investors. The pub first introduces the concept of bar counter for serving beer and alcoholic drinks. Pubs within a chain usually have common items in range of food, drink and services on offer. One company may run several pubs at different location of a city.

Bangalore is still the pub city of the nation which has become an important place for the people to hang out.




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